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The Makings of Corporate Catering – Confessions of a Corporate Caterer

Jul 26th, 2016 - Unless you're well-versed in the catering industry, the distinction between an event caterer and a corporate caterer will escape you. However, the functions of Corporate Caterers differ vastly from those of your traditional caterer. If you want a dependable, quick and easy, and delicious meal for your next corporate event, then read on to see why Corporate Caterers is the choice you need to make.

Corporate Caterers' Vicky Rivadeneira, and founders Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass, explain the difference between the two, and why you may not know it, but Corporate Caterers is about to simplify your work life!  

What makes corporate catering so different from traditional event catering? 

DM: The audience. Traditional event catering is usually a social setting, and the audiences a lot of time, are family or people you are familiar with... Corporate catering is more business associates and people you have a business relationship with. 

Do you use food as an ice breaker? 

DM: Not only that, but you also try to keep the food simple and recognizable. People you have a relationship with, you know what they like. When my in-laws come to dinner, I know my father in-law doesn’t eat steak, so we have chicken. When it’s a corporate setting you really don’t know what people's likes and dislikes are... so you have to figure out a way to be middle of the road, with stuff that everybody is going to like... but still be able to stand out and do something special at the same time! 

JG: When I think on the subject, I always go back to what this company was formed for in the first place. I mean, we are caterers for the corporate world. You have to remember the corporate world, they have a lot of training classes, office catering celebrations... And what are your choices? You can order fast food or restaurant take-out, or you can hire a caterer. Caterers are used to doing weddings or big party events, and cost very expensive.  

We developed our company to satisfy, and be the perfect place for someone you can call because we are more affordable, but we still cater a meal on your facilities. We make it nice, we work with you, we make sure that your guests are going to have a meal where there is going to be something there for everyone to like.  

All of these are things that you can't do if you're going any of the other two ways: a choice of ordering take-out from a restaurant or a fast food, or going to a very expensive caterer. That’s what makes corporate caterers different from a traditional event caterer.  

DM: Event catering... it’s kind of an event where you get everyone together to figure out what you're going to do, and it's fun to plan the party. But with corporate catering, someone has been given a job, like, 'I need food for tomorrow,' and it’s not really their job, but they’ve been given it by the boss. They want something easy, something they know is going to be there on time, is going to be reliable, and it's quality food. They don’t want to mess around; business is more 'bang, bang, bang, bang.' In an event, social-type setting, you may sit with the caterer for three to four hours planning the menu, planning the chairs, etc. but you don’t have that time in a business environment. And that’s what we do, we make it easy for people to order from us and know they're going to get a quality, unique product. 

VR: Perfect example, a customer will call and they’ll say 'That’s it? What else do I need to do?' And we say, 'No, eat, that’s it.' We take that off their plate. Like Dennis said, that’s the task they were given, to place the order. But they don’t even need to think how to accommodate the task, we do that, from beginning to end for [them], so [they] don’t have to.   

So it's no hassle? Its call, place an order, here's a credit card, see you tomorrow? 

VR: Yes! That’s it.  

DM: With our new web portal, you don’t even have to call anymore, you handle your own account, and you just go online and order... We're in the process now, in the next hopefully 120 days, of rolling out a consumer app. People will actually be able to download the app, put it on [their] phone and order for [their] function off of the consumer app. 

Basically, they’ve got an event tomorrow, and they just remembered it, they open the app, boom boom, and we have the order ready for them tomorrow. 

It’s a done deal.  


Rewards Program

You can earn C3 Rewards Points each time an order is placed. Every time you build up 1000 points you earn a $25 Rewards gift card.


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