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Five Reasons to Celebrate the (Five) Olympic Rings in your Office

Aug 1st, 2016 - When the Olympic Rings were designed, the color of the five rings – blue, yellow, black, green, and red – along with the white background of the flag, represented all of the colors of the flags of the participating countries in the 1912 games.

104 years later, the Olympic Rings have come to represent international togetherness, continuity, and the strength to be found in always remaining united.

What better way is there to celebrate that unity, than by bringing the 2016 Summer Olympics into your work space? In the spirit of the five Olympic Rings, here are five reasons to host an Olympics-themed event:

  1. Promote teamwork. The Summer Olympics revolve around teamwork. Even in the sports with individual events, all of the individual medals contribute to a country’s overall medal count. Every athlete is competing for themselves, their team, and their country, and that’s a great mentality to install in your employees or clients. Everyone can work to achieve their own individual goals and reach their maximum potential, while still working toward the greater good –and goals- of the company.
  2. Foster friendly competition. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte were among the most prolific swimmers for Team USA in the Summer 2012 games. And while they were proudly competing for Team USA, you can’t the deny the friendly competition between the two that pushed them. A bit of competition serves.
  3. Teach good sportsmanship. At the end of any match, race, etc. athletes who were fierce competitors just a few moments ago, shake hands, exchange jerseys, or even hug, as a sign of respect from one world-class athlete to another. This mutual respect among competitors is a great attitude to nurture in an office setting, and can nurture a more collaborative and respectful work environment.
  4. Boost office morale and reward your employees. Who doesn’t like enjoying delicious food while getting the chance to socialize with colleagues and even watching a sporting event? Treat your employees to a mouthwatering party as a reward for their hard work and effort, and let the food be the Olympic medals with which you reward them. You can even pay homage to the different countries participating in the Olympics -or ethnicities found in your office- by serving Corporate Caterers’ Caribbean Grilled Chicken for Jamaica, Baked Manicotti Shells for Italy, Pulled Pork Sandwiches for the good ol’ USA, Pepper Steak for China, and Chicken Burritos with White Queso Sauce for Mexico.
  5. Innovation based on traditional beliefs. The Olympics itself is an innovative modern competition that was based on an Ancient Greek ideal. The Olympic Games teach us that the greatest inventions can come from the simplest of ideas; Opening and Closing Ceremonies, team uniforms, gymnastic routines, and many more aspects of the Games require innovation every four years, and the results are always awe-inspiring. This mindset can be applied to everyday life, and can inspire your employees to think outside-of-the-box and lead them to create greatness, with inspiration drawn from the simplest of places.


Rewards Program

You can earn C3 Rewards Points each time an order is placed. Every time you build up 1000 points you earn a $25 Rewards gift card.


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