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Client Gifting: Why Send Wine When You Can Send Cookies or Stars?

Nov 12th, 2016 - You could send your client a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate as a holiday gift, but odds are they will end up re-gifting it, just as impersonally as it was gifted to them. If you really want to impress your client and stay top of mind with them, consider a gift that will speak only to them.

client-gifting.jpgTailor your clients’ holiday gifts to fit their unique personalities and pastimes, and they will definitely remember the gift and be pleasantly surprised!

  • The Foodie They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this is advice you should definitely follow. If your client is a foodie at heart and always knows the latest and greatest restaurants in their city, then elevate their love of food, by gifting them with a cooking class. Find out what their favorite cuisine is, and treat them to a cooking class by top chefs in their city. 
  • The Traditionalist On the opposite end of the spectrum of foodies, are the traditionalists. They like simple, down-home cooking they recognize from their childhoods. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, and cookies. And what is more simple and traditional than a warm, gooey, sweet and delicious chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk? Corporate Caterers’ basket of brownies and cookies is a decadent and delicious treat that will cause many a client to be transported back to their childhoods –and simpler, happy days– all thanks to you!  
  • The Philanthropist Is your client out to change or save the world? Then this is the easiest client for whom to shop. If your client is out to save the world, then do your part to help them in their cause! Find out which cause is closest to your client’s heart and donate your time, resources, and/or money to that cause in their name!
  • The Visionary Is your client the type of person who lives in the future, always on the lookout for the next and greatest opportunity? Are they always shooting for the stars when it comes to their next project? Then keep them up in the stars, by naming a star after them. The International Star Registry allows you to buy and name a star after your client and show them just how out of this world they are! 
  • The Fashionista If your client always looks like they just stepped out of the pages of Vogue or GQ, then the best gift for them is one that allows them to further their fashionista image. A service like Rocksbox –which allows you to pick three curated pieces of jewelry for your client, and then allows them to exchange for newer pieces– or Sock 101 –a sock of the month club for style mavens– will allow you to personalize and tailor your gift perfectly to your clients’ style and personality. Of course, this has the added perk of keeping you top of mind anytime your client wears their items. 


Rewards Program

You can earn C3 Rewards Points each time an order is placed. Every time you build up 1000 points you earn a $25 Rewards gift card.


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