The New Recruits, Road Warriors in the Making – A Profile of the Serial Corporate Traveler

Oct 7th, 2016 - The New ‘Recruit’ Road Warriors are the smallest of the groups, only accounting for 7% of the Road Warriors.

new-recruits.jpgThese novices are enthusiastic, high-tech, and lack the experience to be savvy or efficient business travelers; however, they are more than willing to learn. 

The New ‘Recruit’ Warrior typically:

The New ‘Recruit’ Road Warriors in the making are explorers and adventurers. In fact, 96% of these ‘Recruits’ find excuses to travel for work, more often than is actually necessary. They are also new to the world of business travel, and may be resistant to corporate procedure for travel, such as keeping track of expenses, and abiding by their companies’ rules and regulations. However, this is also an opportunity to train them in correct procedure from the beginning, and give them the correct tools to maximize their travel, which includes apps and web portals that facilitate their travel experience.

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Source: Understanding Your Travel Population, BTN Group, 2015


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