The 4 Super Bowl ‘Food’ Commandments You Didn’t Know Existed

Dec 5th, 2016 - There exist certain universally-recognized rules for Super Bowl Sunday: don’t speak during the game, unless it’s to pray or beg for your team, the commercials, or half-time, don’t be the only person rooting for the opposite team, and never touch the remote!

bacon.jpgHowever, there are also four unspoken commandments when it comes to the food of Super Bowl Sunday!                                                                                                        

  1. Chicken Wings. It’s that simple: no wings, no game, and you just hosted the worst Super Bowl event ever. The bigger the wings, and the juicier, the better. Corporate Caterers has the perfect ‘Game Plan’ [package] for you: traditional, buffalo wings that will spice up your taste buds, delectably sweet honey BBQ wings that will have you licking your fingers, and crispy, golden chicken fingers that will make your party the one to beat for next year.
  2. Bottomless Beer = A Necessity This commandment is pretty simple. On Super Bowl Sunday, you can never have enough beer, especially if things start going south for your team! Once you think you have enough beer, double that amount, and you should be set. Kegs are not out of the question.
  3. appetizers.jpgForget your [Food] Manners Who needs forks and knives when you have fingers? If it can’t be grabbed, scooped or dipped, it doesn’t belong at your party. The ‘Hungry Crowd’ will feed your starving hoard without the need for them to take their eyes off the game: hearty finger roll sandwiches, decadent sesame meatballs, and juicy franks in a blanket, all finger friendly.
  4. The Football Game is Not the only Game You will be judged on your food game, so come prepared and ready to play ball. Suspicious looking dips, fresh vegetable platters, and salads have no place in the Super Bowl; swap them out for hearty meats, anything cheesy, and don’t’ forget the chips and dip!


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