Plan of Attack: Get to Know your Customers (Day)

Mar 7th, 2017 - Get to Know your Customers Day is observed quarterly on the third Thursday of each quarter; the upcoming observance is on April 20th, 2017.

get-to-know-your-customers.jpgThe purpose of Get to Know your customers Day is to form and strengthen a durable bond with your clients in order to foster a positive working relationship with your client base, and make sure those relationships stretch throughout the years. 

As important as Get to Know your Customers Day is, however, that is no excuse to not hold to its tenets every single day of the year. Develop a plan of attack to get to know your customers, and remain a positive and constant presence in their lives:

  1. Establish weekly or bi-weekly calls in order to troubleshoot any complaints or avoid potential issues, and remain top of mind.
  2. Surprise them with lunch.  From April 10th to April 21st, Corporate Caterers will be offering tempting chicken and steak rice bowls, and assorted deli wraps, in addition to some of their favorites, such as the Caribbean chicken and combo fajitas. Surprise your client with these delectable treats, so they come to associate your company and presence with positive memories.
  3. Schedule happy hours after office hours or a spa day. The goal is to have them view you in a setting outside of the office, and get to know you and associate with you on a more personal level. This will lead to the formation of deeper connections and emotional attachments, which will help strengthen your relationship with your client.  


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