Corporate Caterers: A Twenty Year Empire with No Signs of Slowing Down

Jan 19th, 2017 - Corporate Caterers started as a small, but mighty, operation in South Florida in 1997. They espoused traditional values when it came to catering: food should be good, it should be easy, and it shouldn’t break the bank.

In a world of large event and wedding caterers, Corporate Caterers filled the gaping void in the market for a smaller scale, less-involved form of catering, for events that did not require black tie, or 1,000+ attendees.


Corporate Caterers blazed the trail for corporate catering done the right way (also known as simply, and with no fuss), that draws from an amalgam of flavors and global influences to create a delectable culinary experience for their clients. Two decades later, they continue to provide the South Florida market with tantalizing catering options for events taking place during traditional working hours, all available with a simple phone call, or a click of a button, on their newly launched web portal.

cc-coming-soon.jpgWhile they continue to provide the business world with corporate catering solutions to delight, their reign no longer is limited to just South Florida. Over the past 20 years, Corporate Caterers has developed a network of over 20+ high quality franchises throughout the United States, everything from Miami, up to Columbus, and across to Phoenix. And they are starting 2017 off on a strong foot, with their expansion into Wilmington, Delaware, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Denver, Colorado, locations number 25, 26, and 27. These new locations are expected to be up-and-running in February 2017. And while these may be just the latest locations to join the Corporate Caterers’ empire throughout the United States, you can bet that these will not be the last location you’ll hear of! 


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