Bacon, French Toast, and the ‘Breakfast Club’

Dec 27th, 2016 - February 15th, 2017 marks the 32nd anniversary of the cult classic, The Breakfast Club. The film centers around a group of five high schoolers from different walks of life who are all sent to detention on a Saturday morning. It derives its name from students that were sent to detention before official school starting time, dubbing them members of The Breakfast Club.

french-toast.jpgAfter entering the work force, people often find they become members of The Breakfast Club when they are called into work earlier than normal for client meetings, strategy sessions, or even corporate trainings. And being part of the Breakfast Club, can often make those members cranky, and become unproductive.

The best way to counter any mumbling and grumbling about early meeting times, and long-winded training sessions is simple: food, coffee, and lots of it! Corporate Caterers’ shares three of their favorite catered breakfasts to boost wits and creativity, and put a smile on your employees faces:



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