Why Business Meeting Catering in Jacksonville, FL is a Good Idea!

As a business owner, you want to make sure your business is a success and that you’re getting back a big return of investment. That means both your clients and employees have to be happy, but how can you keep your employees happy when it comes time to schedule a business meeting? Our team at Corporate Caterers are here to share with you why business meeting catering in Jacksonville, FL is a good idea! 

Food calms people  

Have you heard about the new term that was added to the dictionary this year “hangry?” If you have yet to know about this new word, it means being angry when you’re hungry.  Yes, this is a real thing, people actually get angry when they’re hungry. Now imagine your team of employees working a couple hours and having a meeting on an empty stomach, you should assume they will be hangry! Catering during the business meeting will keep your employees calm and no one will be hangry. 

Food will help your employees stay concentrated 

There’s nothing more distracting than a grumbling stomach. The last thing you want is your employees to be distracted from the meeting because they’re hungry. Catering food with our team will help your employees stay concentrated and help make your meeting successful.  

A wide array of food options for everyone’s taste 

The best part about hiring our catering team is that you and your employees will be able to enjoy many food options. We have a wide variety of food available for all our clients such as the following: 

  • Cuban Sandwiches 
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Focaccia Sandwiches 
  • Croissant Sandwiches 
  • Salad Buffet 
  • Chicken Parmesan 
  • Lemon Chicken Piccata 
  • Fire Roasted Orange Chicken
  • Pesto Italiano 
  • Chicken Florentine 
  • Lemon Herb Chicken 
  • Grilled Mahi Mahi 
  • & So Much More! 

You will be able to save time and money 

While you may think that hiring a catering company in Jacksonville, FL will cost more than not providing food for your business meeting, it actually can. You will be saving both your time and money hiring our team of caterers. Your employees will be happy and full which will help them stay part of your team. You won’t need to spend money on training in the case your employee is unhappy which will help your return of investment. You will also be able to save the time you would have to spend replacing unhappy employees. Food goes a really long way for people and your team of hard workers deserve a delicious meal while getting down to business in your meeting! Work with Corporate Caterers today! 

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