What Makes Great Event Catering?

At Corporate Caterers, delicious menus, affordable prices and timely service are our specialties. We are the caterer of choice for offices and large meetings alike. Our delicious catering services are great for other gatherings outside of the office as well. If you’re in need of delicious event catering in Miami, Fl look no further than Corporate Caterers. Our diverse menu can satisfy any tastes while our affordable prices can keep any host happy.

The first mark of quality for any event caterer is the food. Our commitment to fresh ingredients and vibrant tastes drives our creative menus. Down in Miami, our catering is all about the flavor. Our menu includes regional items such as Arroz Imperial, Churrasco Steak and Ropa Vieja. Of course, our great food selections also include flavors from all over the world, including Chinese, Italian and American foods. Every two weeks, seasonal foods are offered in affordable bi-weekly specials which are sure to bring something new to the table. Our great food is ideal for all appetites and dietary needs, we also offer vegan options that encompass various worldwide flavors.

If you’re looking for party catering in Miami, Fl for events big and small, we’re here to help. Our catering services are ideal for home gatherings, baby showers or clubhouse socials. We’re one of the few caterers around that can serve up delicious foods for meals throughout the day. In fact, our breakfast catering is one of our most popular options. It includes over a dozen diverse breakfast options such as:

  • Belgian Waffles
  • Yogurt Bar
  • Breakfast Bowls
  • New England French Toast
  • Pasteles and Café
  • Bagels and Spreads

You might think that breakfast catering is reserved for board room meetings and offices, but that’s not the case. Our breakfast catering is ideal for any early event such as bridal showers or family gatherings. The prices of our menu are often less than heading to a restaurant, allowing your guests to enjoy delicious meals without all the hassles of the restaurant experience.

A diverse menu is necessary in a great catering service, but at Corporate Caterers we believe that excellent customer service is equally necessary. Our goal is to provide delicious food with incredible customer service, making your catering a truly enjoyable experience. This mission has driven us to offer innovative options to our customers, from responsive online ordering to professional customer care. Orders can be placed through our website, where our entire menu is available with detailed item descriptions. Once an order is placed, you’ll be sure to receive your food on time and with incredible presentation.

Great event catering relies on a combination of innovative foods, great customer service and affordable prices. When you work with our team at Corporate Caterers, you’ll enjoy a combination of all these factors. Our team has been dedicated to providing the best catering services around for years, our national reputation as the premier choice for catering services. Take a look at our menu to see what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!

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