Home Party Catering Southern Style in St. Louis, MO

Corporate Caterers is a catering company that has multiple franchises all over the United States. Customers will find Corporate Caterers offices in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, North Carolina and now Missouri. The Corporate Caterers in St. Louis, MO is phenomenal. The menu, the food, and the taste is so unique. In fact, the menu holds specialty dishes that are derived directly from the city of St. Louis.

Here are some of the delicious dishes you can select from the Corporate Caterers in St. Louis, MO:

  1. St. Louis BBQ Chicken – These tender leg quarters and boneless breasts are slow roasted with BQ sauce. This is served with Mexican fiesta rice and their homemade tropical chips. Tossed salad with artichokes and a dessert platter with cookies & brownies are also included.
  2. St. Louis Southwest Chicken Bake – This is one of Corporate Caterers’ signature meals. This is a baked chicken breast with mild BBQ sauce glazed over it. It is topped with thin Bermuda onions, tomato, cilantro, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. On the side, you will find Mexican fiesta rice and some sour cream. This dish offers a burst of flavors.
  3. St. Louis Chicken Fajitas – This is marinated, boneless chicken breast sliced thin with sautéed peppers and onions. It wouldn’t be fajitas without flour tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, shredded cheese, and salsa. So this is included, obviously.
  4. St. Louis Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Corporate Caterers’ chefs make this dish so mouthwatering good. It is their tender and juicy pulled pork simmering in a sweet honey BBQ sauce served with fresh baked sandwich rolls, baked beans, sweet pickles, delicious cole slaw and then more BBQ sauce on the side.
  5. St. Louis Bourbon Chicken – You can’t have too much chicken. This is tender pieces of flavorful fire grilled chicken simmering in light, but tasty bourbon glaze. This Bourbon chicken is services with a side of white confetti rice.
  6. St. Louis Chicken Piccata – Onto some Italian dishes. This is a light Mediterranean chicken, fire roasted and seasoned with different flavors of tomato sauce, fresh lemon, and capers. It is served with wild rice pilaf.
  7. St. Louis Arroz Imperial – This Latin dish is traditional Cuban rice casserole stuffed with fresh herbs, tomato, chicken breast, and three cheeses.
  8. St. Louis Churrasco Steak – This South-of-the-Border style menu item is great for those who love red meat. This is a tender flank streak marinated and grilled in authentic chimi-churri sauce and served with yellow island style rice.
  9. St. Louis Ciabatta Sandwiches – This is a cold menu item. It is a variety of authentic Ciabatta bread sandwiches. It includes three different types: seasoned grilled chicken, Italian style roast beef, and Italian ham with salami and cheese. This is sure to be tasty and fulfilling.

There are also other St. Louis inspired dishes available on Corporate Caterers’ breakfast catering menu. All of these hot and cold St. Louis dishes are great to eat at any home party. Corporate Caterers in St. Louis will take your order, prepare the meal in a presentation that is just flattering, and then deliver all the food to your residential home. You and your 10+ guests will love the food and service provided by Corporate Caterers. Call the St. Louis office today at (314) 899-0146.

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