You Found a Caterer, Now How About the Menu?

When it comes to hosting the perfect corporate event, planning is key. You’ve obviously prepared for the business aspect of the event, but what about the event itself? Since it’s a corporate event, you’re going to keep things professional. When you’ve decided on a caterer in Miami, FL, the next step is to decide on the menu. There are many things to consider before you choose what food will be served at the event and it’s important to take everything into consideration. A company like Corporate Catering can help you with menu selection so everything goes off without a hitch. Here are a couple of things to consider when picking out your menu.

What’s the context?

There are a few broad questions to get you started on the menu picking process. First, when is your event occurring? Breakfast, lunch and dinner fare are all quite different and you wouldn’t want to get them confused. Fresh fruit would be perfect for breakfast, but not so much at dinner. Sandwiches are excellent at lunchtime because they are quick and easy to eat, but a bit unprofessional at any other point. It’s also important to consider what sort of event it is. A company picnic, for example, will require less formal items than a function with potential clients you’re looking to impress. Take into consideration the age of those attending. If it’s an older crowd then you may want to keep the menu conservative. However, a younger crowd may appreciate more bold and adventurous meals. You may still want to have one safer option for the picky eaters however.


You need to have a good variety of food options available if you want to make sure everyone can find something they like. Usually this means having at least two entrees along with a good assortment of sides. Salads are a great idea, but make sure you have several options when it comes to dressing. Obviously the food needs to taste good, so it’s a smart idea to use as many seasonal or regional items as possible as they will be the best. Serving oranges in Florida would be a good example. It’s also important to take into consideration the people or group you are serving. If you’re entertaining an animal rights group then serving any kind of meat would probably be a bad idea. However, regardless of the people or group’s business, remember that variety is key.

You want your corporate event to be absolutely perfect and so do the good people at Corporate Caterers. Catering an event in Miami, FL doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. Let us help you decide on the perfect menu to compliment any event.

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