Catering Miami, FL; Catering to the Five Senses

The point of a catering service is pretty simple; provide food. At its most basic level, that’s the task of a caterer. Food, however, is one of those things where simplicity isn’t the most practiced virtue. Being a caterer involves much more than just food. The top-notch catering companies in Miami, FL, such as Corporate Caterers for example, know that their performance hinges on appealing to all five of a person’s senses. Providing excellent catering services is more than just cooking and serving food, it takes high levels of coordination and teamwork for a catered even to go off without a hitch. It’s common to see catering companies going beyond simple food service and taking on event management as a whole.


Sight is arguably our most important sense, so it seems obvious that making food visually appealing should be a top priority. Some catering companies don’t put much emphasis on how their food is presented and that is a big mistake. The arrangement of the fare should be tasteful (no pun intended) and not over-done. You want the food to be visually appealing without looking like you tried really hard to make it so. People are very likely to pick food based on appearance alone so that makes presentation a major area of concern for a caterer.


Much like sight, you experience the smell of food before you taste it. Smell is another powerful sense that can have a strong influence on the choices people make. Let’s use coffee as an example. It has such a unique and pleasant aroma that the smell triggers people to want a cup of coffee. Using the freshest ingredients and proper cooking technique is the best way to ensure that your food smells as good as it looks and tastes.


Touch is an interesting sense because most people associate touching with their hands. Texture is very important when it comes to food. Some people won’t drink soda because they dislike the carbonation. My own sister refuses to eat coconut because she dislikes not the flavor, but the consistency. It’s important for catering companies to ensure their food is texturally appealing. Fruit and vegetables are a good example in this case. Fruits that are not ripe yet will be hard and bitter, like a green banana. Vegetables that are too old can get mushy and bruised. The freshest ingredients are the ones with the best textures.


Obviously this goes without saying, but the food needs to taste good. Companies who specialize in catering in Miami, FL are dedicated to providing meals that look and taste great. A catering company with terrible food isn’t going to last long at all. If you’re looking for a caterer then pick one with years of experience in the industry. 

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